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In The Evening
start 28th September
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Evening fills the air with a calm and soft glow — it opens to an artist view a smooth gradation of colors and creates a thoughtful calm at the end of the day. Southern sunset, glowing sun on the horizon and oblique shadows underfoot: how to depict the whole palette of diverse and almost mysterious state of nature in the evening? How to create a complete picture when the fading light smoothes the value gradations? Let’s soar to new heights! Improve your skills and learn new aspects of watercolor in the new online marathon by Sergei Kurbatov and
New online watercolor marathon by Sergei Kurbatov with English subtitles!
two weeks
four classes
590 RUB (~ $9)
Video lessons in full HD
Special expert's tricks

A world-renowned artist will share his secrets and special techniques!
For whom is this course:
For those who are just beginning.
Do you want to keep learning and improving? Are you fascinated by Sergei's amazing works and are dreaming to achieve his artistic level?
For curios students who have some experience but want to try new things.
Are you already painting? Would you like to learn all the tricks you could use with watercolor?
For those who have dreamed of learning from Sergei Kurbatov.
Pick up your brushes, paint and just trust the artist. Sergei will teach you about value, colors, composition in a way that only he knows how.
For a long time I draw by myself, but all the time I stumble over my own gaps in theory and basic techniques. I want intensely study the basics and immediately practice them. I need help
of experienced master, with whom I'll reach a new level and close blind spots in my knowledge
and skills!
I do not know how to learn to depict different times of the day in the picture. It is difficult to make a mistake with the seasons, but how to clearly show the atmosphere of the evening, not the day or night? What should I do, if almost all the objects in reference are shadowed? What is the secret of working with value, if everything seems equally dark?
I love powerful and concentrated practice with the masters — it always tones me and prints from creative «hibernation»! After each marathon I feel like my hand has become more confident, my eye is sharper, and ideas are running high. I can't wait to start a new marathon and create new vivid watercolors!
Support your first steps with watercolor! Help improve your skills and extend your knowledge!
Sergei Kurbatov
The sun has rolled over the Zenith and floats smoothly to the West, to the horizon. Lovers of the open air painting and inspired citizens appreciate these evening minutes for unbearably wonderful moments: fountains of warm light and purple shadows. The colors of nature sound in full force! This evening light is equally beautiful in Tuscany, and in the Altai mountains, and in the narrow streets of spanish Segovia. Would you like to check? Then let's go to the evening marathon!
Our courses are an opportunity!
Opportunity to learn from the best, to be submerged in the artists' world, an opportunity to participate in this course for an affordable price. And finally, an opportunity to try and give it your best.
That's an adventure!
Learn new things, have doubts but carry on, continue to enjoy the process and be amazed by the results.
Courses are full of love!
To catch this special watercolor mood, dive into the artistic flow, do something that's important and allow yourself to create fiercely and freely.
Why will this marathon help you to become a better artist:
Together with Sergei Kurbatov you'll understand the classic components of any picture, such as composition, value and color. You'll learn to see the main thing and remove the excess in the subject in order to make your watercolor story complete and clear.
Create four evening landscapes. Master the nuances of working with different natural light,
contrasts and shades. Learn how to choose harmonious colors for objects in shadow, as well as for illuminated parts.
Marathon is a stream! Create with your favorite artist and other enthusiastic participants. Doing what you love is important, doing it among your «soulmates» is priceless!
Sergei Kurbatov
At each of my plein airs or master classes, I meet students who argue: «Perhaps I'll not succeed now. But I'll try again and again, and then everything will put on its place». At this point, I give a standing ovation, because I have tried again and again and if something did not work, I learned from mistakes and succeeded. Everything will be fine if you put aside fears. Look
carefully, draw, don't be afraid to spoil something in the work, trust watercolors. Good «Evening»!
Let's depict the atmosphere of a pleasant and easy evening in watercolor!
Enterclass course — series of video lessons in full HD.
How can you watch the classes:
The classes will be available in your account at
You can watch them from any location in the world and on any device (desktop, mobile).
You have access to all the classes till the end of the course.
Course content:
A village in Altai
Nice village of simple houses on the mountainous land — we are in the Altai! In the first class, we work on the composition and similar shades in the picture. Together with an expert, you'll learn the nuances of cold and warm colors and learn how to find natural colors for shadows, create a volume and lively landscape!
class 1
Alley with cypress trees
Early summer evening and the play of soft shades. Catch the sunbeam between the emerald cypress trees and bask in the evening rays! In the second class, you'll learn how to work with a complex green color and depict a warm dim light. Sergei will talk about how to create a contrast in value and not lose integrity in the final picture.
class 2
A tiny street in Segovia
We're moving to twilight in urban landscape. Beautiful spanish houses, pretty small balconies and the figures of the people passing by. It's all about the subject that is good for training the eye, study of architecture in drawing and working with no obvious value relations. Sergei will explain how to define a composition and not to make a mistake in the future, teach to work with a restrained palette and depict the atmosphere of a fading day in the city!
class 3
Sunset in the mountains
And here it is the orange luminary close to the skyline, we draw a sunset in the mountains and study the main components of any landscape! Sergei Kurbatov will tell you what makes the picture deep and how to define a composition. You'll pick up the shades for nature in sunset time, try to write contrastingly and boldly, learn how to depict illuminated clouds and unify dark fragments.
class 4
How you'll learn:
Video lessons
The access to each class opens every two days. You can watch them in your personal account at Each class is divided into steps.
Each class is a workshop by Sergei Kurbatov, he paints while explaining everything he does in great details. You and the artist create together!
Advantages of the course:
Many benefits
Experience and knowledge from the best! You will get useful knowledge on how to work with different sceneries and new skills in watercolor techniques. You will create 4 paintings under the guidance of Sergei Kurbatov, so that after the marathon you will be able to paint on your own.
Quality video
We have own studio, team of professionals. We make high quality courses. For your convenience, each lesson splits for the steps.
Creative atmosphere
We always create a positive artistic atmosphere during our course. Even though our students are from different places all over the world you still see each other's creations and communicate on social media and that inspires you and helps you to stay positively motivated and supported.
About the author:
Sergei Kurbatov
painter and teacher
At the first time, I picked up a brush in a kindergarten. I made my first watercolor steps in school. I
did not stop there. I graduated from art school and Mukhin School in St. Petersburg in 1993. But
those my state couldn't be called as a «stream of pure creativity», in which you could joyfully
dive. I had been working as a designer for twenty years after graduation, simultaneously
practicing watercolors for myself. I experimented a lot, searched, developed technique and
accumulated knowledge. Such a long-term opportunity to work only for myself, not for sale,
allowed me to be independent in the subjects and manner.

In the end, my «table» swelled from watercolors, and the quantity couldn't help going into quality. Since 2010, I started to take part in exhibitions in Russia and abroad. My works were
presented in the international Biennale in France, some publications in the press appeared. And
then the natural thing happened: when you know how to do something well, others ask you to
teach them. Judging by the reviews and works of my students, I do it quite well.
Watercolor works by artist Sergei Kurbatov:
Notice the color gradations, master the value play!
I'm holding a piece of Marseille's morning sunlight in my hand! Thank you @sergei.kurbatov for an excellent and challenging lesson. A few things I learnt in Sergei's class -
Naples Yellow and Cobalt blue don't mix to make a green. I used @oldhollandcolours Naples Yellow Deep in this and this paint behaves effortlessly.
We used linear perspective for the composition.
Sergei talks about having pools of colors pre-mixed on your palette before beginning the washes. Which makes sense because he works wet-in-wet a lot and running out of color mixes would be potentially disastrous.
He also taught us that's not important to match the details with the inspiration photograph. Just a few details here and there to bring out a few key structures. For eg, the windows on the left-side building are actually single strokes of a dark color.
All in all, it was challenging class for me personally because I'm not much of an architectural landscape artist. Sketching was a behemoth of a task for me. I could have gotten the shadows a bit darker but I love the overall feel of this piece and the many important lessons I learnt in tackling landscapes like these. ❤️ Thank you @enterclass for the English subtitles or I would have never found out how funny @sergei.kurbatov is!
Art marathons are great! And even though I joined this one a bit late, painting with famous artists make me feel like a child on a Christmas Eve 😆 We're painting 4 landscape pictures with amazing @sergei.kurbatov at @enterclass 📺 the topic is In The Morning and this is the 1st layer of the Siberian Mountains painting ➡️ #энтеркласс_утро_4 (mountains are coming soon 😆😉) And now the BEST PART: now it's also available in English! These guys made an amazing job with translation and I'm truly glad, as many of you asked me where one can find useful tutorials. Composition, technique, color combos, usage of all different kinds of brushes... Until the 17th of March there's a special price offer 😉
Finally started the first plot of watercolor marathon with @sergei.kurbatov. @enterclass has been keeping me busy. 😉Very appreciative of the English subtitles! It's great to be able to understand the master's process and laugh after his jokes! 🤣
3rd lesson from @enterclass with @sergei.kurbatov to capture the early mornings. This was a very very challenging session. I lacked focus and made more mistakes. Sergei's depth of understanding of watercolors and interpretation of the scene, knowing what to do on the paper was amazing as always. He also understands the paper he uses very well. Ok, done is done! Moving on to the last one now. 🏃🏻♀️
Access to first class as of
25th September
Sign up for the course:
590 RUB (~ $9)
  • access to all classes for two weeks
How to pay:
Frequently Asked Questions
What's the schedule of the course?
Marathon will last from the 28th of Septemder until the 13th of October. You get access to four classes for this period. You will be able to prolongate the access after the end of the marathon. The cost of the prolongation will be considerably lower than buying the course after the 13th of October.
When will I get access to the classes?
The classes will start being available one by one on the 28th and 30th of September, 2nd and 4th of October. You will be able to watch them as many times as you want till 23:59 (Moscow time zone) of the 13th of October.
What if I don't have time to watch all the classes?
The classes will be available until 23:59 13th of October (Moscow time-zone). After that the marathon will be available as a separate course. You will be able to prolongate the accesses to all the classes forever by paying 990 rubles. Even with the prolongation fee the price will be lower than getting it as a separate course.
What do you need to start with?
We recommend using 100% cotton paper with the density of 300 gr/m2. It is very important if you want to get light and beautiful paintings! Cellulose does not hold moisture well and also is not great with repeating damping like in a "wet on wet" technique. Paper like that can dry quickly which will be an obstacle for you in finishing a certain stage of painting and repeating damping can damage the sheet. If you are planning on using paper with cellulose and cotton, we highly recommend you get the one where the percentage of cotton is higher.

  • Recommended manufacturers are Saunders Waterford, Arches, Canson Watercolor, Moulin du Roy etc.
  • For this course we recommend using paper with a grain fin/cold press surface. Smooth surface (hot press) and torchon paper won't be suitable.

You can use paper in albums or separate sheets. Sheet 76х56 can be cut in four parts this way you will only need 1-2 sheets.

Natural brush (kolonok), synthetics mix – your choice
  • One thin (liner) brush
  • Two medium brushes
  • Wide brush with a thin tip
  • Flat brush for moistening paper

Professional set of 24 colors or more: Schmincke, Van Gogh, Winsor&Newton, Lukas e.t.c. Watercolors could be in cells or tubes most importantly it should not be the "school art-class watercolor" from an office supply store.

Extra colors you might need:
  • Indigo
  • Burnt sienna
  • Neapolitan yellow
  • Cadmium red light
  • Quinacridone (carmine)
  • Oxide of chromium

  • pad (hardboard, plywood)
  • palette
  • paper tape
  • pencil (B-2B)
  • eraser
  • cup for water
  • paper napkins
  • masking fluid
  • hairdryer.
Maybe you should try?
Evening is a perfect time to start creating!
Feel the mood of the plein air. Depict the serenity of the evening!