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Urban sketching with Nadja Leutloff
start 29th March
online course
How to create paintings fast and with confidence? How to stop being afraid of bright and vibrant color and bring life into your works? How to start when you don't understand anything or keep going when you think it's impossible?
Watercolor has no limitation. Freedom, unpredictability, lightness is what makes us love it but can intimidate us at the same time. We erase those fears, get rid of limitations and broaden the horizons during our new online-course "Urban sketching". Let the whole world be your art studio!
The first course on watercolour sketching by Nadja Leutloff!
two weeks
four lessons
RUB 590 (~ $9)
Video lessons in full HD
Special expert's tricks
Nadja invites you:
Click on the "cc" button in the buttom right corner of the video and choose the English version.
Who is this course for?
For those who want to start painting
Are you intimidated, wavering and not sure how to start, maybe you are afraid of failure? You painted when you were young, went to art school but then stopped painting for a very long time? Or maybe you are just searching for something to clear your head and relax? A sketching course is a great place to start!
For those who want to broaden their artistic horizons
You love painting? Have experience with watercolor but want more, you want to add lightness to your works, more light, maybe you want to be more comfortable with bright colors and complex washes? We can teach you how to do that! Nadja Leutloff will inspire you to do the impossible!
For those who love travelling
Are you going on a vacation? Bring your paints and brushes with! Let those bright moments remain not only in memory, but also in your works. You might ask, how will I find time? We will make time to create and paint together! You will be surprised with how fast you will be able to paint after this course without your works losing any beauty.
I don't like to work on one sketch for too long. I'd rather grasp and convey the character of the object than go into detailing. Making the object simpler without losing anything important, I'd like to make it light and easy to comprehend.
Urban sketches are very interesting! But sometimes it's hard to focus on one "shot" and not go into details. Sometimes it is not clear how to work with a limited palette. Another thing is people, they are probably the hardest part about sketching for me.
I love quick sketches. It fits my lifestyle. I really want to learn to paint fast because my time for painting is very limited but the desire to do it all the time and everywhere is very strong!
We will help you take the first steps!
Nadja Leutloff
Painting is like returning to your real self! This phrase describes my own story the best. For a long time, I was working as an IT developer, climbing towards a goal that wasn't mine but then I finally listened to myself. Finally doing something that I really loved felt amazing – pure freedom and happiness and a start of my journey towards returning to my real self! There was a moment when I've realized that if I don't start painting now it will never happen! I started painting after I was 40 years old, you can start now.
We will inspire you to do the impossible!
During our course "Urban sketching with Nadja Leutloff" you will create four paintings. You will learn how to accentuate the most important parts and find references in urban landscape, you will learn to achieve great result while working with limited tools and time. This course will support the beginners and add confidence to those who are continuing their watercolor journey.
Create easily, brightly, at any time and in any place, that inspires you!
Paint what you see – the whole world is your reference!
Enterclass courses
Our courses are an opportunity!
Opportunity to learn from the best, to be submerged in the artists world, an opportunity to participate in this course for an affordable price. And finally, an opportunity to try and give it your best.
That's an adventure!
Learn new things, have doubts but carry on, continue to enjoy the process and be amazed by the results.
Courses are full of love!
To catch this special watercolor mood, dive into the artistic flow, do something that's important and allow yourself to create fiercely and freely.
Why will this course help you to become a better artist:
You will learn sketching secrets and tricks. How to paint urban landscapes with watercolor and liner. No pencil drafts before we begin, everything will be as close to real life as possible, only vibrant shades and brave work on white paper! Nadja will open up about her secret sketching techniques.
You will paint four different urban sketches. Learn when and how to stop to not make your work too heavy with detailing and colors. You will work with composition and try to create expressively, easily and freely!
Nadja inspires, her positivity, kindness and warmth make you want to fly. Nadja made thousands of people who have already passed her courses believe that everything and anything is possible, you can achieve incredible results. Nadja does not just teach you she makes you fall in love with what she does and helps you to spread your artistic wings!
Nadja Leutloff
We don't like painting when we don't know how to but as soon as we start making progress, we start loving it!
Put your prejudices aside, take your sketchbook and start creating! An amazing watercolor journey awaits!
Watercolour sketching – is something you have to try this spring! Let your vacations become more memorable!
Nadja Leutloff
In my opinion, a limited palette is a completely genius thing! It makes life easier especially for beginners! You pick out a limited number of colors that go well together and so it does not matter, you can mix those colors however you want but your painting will look coherent. Paintings done using a limited palette have their own atmosphere, it attracts the viewer.
Enterclass course — series of video lessons in full HD.
How can you watch the lessons:
The lessons will be available in your account at
You can watch the lessons from any location in the world and on any device (desktop, mobile).
You have access to all the lessons till the end of the course.
Course content:
Café on Elbe (Dresden)
Light shadows, bright sky, soft light touching old buildings all of these add charm to the old city and make your painting more interesting! Our watercolour journey will begin in Dresden – we meet next to an old café on Elbe!
lesson 1
Old City (Görlitz)
Steeples of the old Town Hall are seen in the gloomy sky,you are in awe of the old times. But watercolours will make this painting feel light and elegant.You'll learn how to make objects, which are seen at an angle, look 3D , and learn how to achieve great results without too much hustle.
lesson 2
Arch (Rovinj)
Beautiful old city streets, arches and other architectural elements,you'll learn how to do them all. You'll also learn how to set up composition of your painting, create volume, and work with color.
lesson 3
Streets of Dresden
You'll fall in love with Dresden. Walking around Dresden is going to be captivating, you'll want to paint everything you see, an elaborate maze of streets,different architectural styles,color and light contrasts,people. This lesson is going to teach you how to pick main parts of the painting, add details without making the painting feel too crowded and learn when to stop.
lesson 4
How you'll learn:
Video classes
A new lesson is going to be available every 2 days(but if you join us after the 4th of March all lessons are going to be available online). You can watch those videos in your profile on our website Each lesson is divided into parts.
Each lesson is a workshop by Nadja Leutloff, she's going to be walking you through sketching and explaining every stroke of her brush! You can follow our experts as they are painting and use the tips and tricks that they give you in the video.
Do what you love! Be creative anywhere!
Advantages of the course:
Many benefits
You are getting experience and knowledge from the best!You are going to learn new watercolor techniques and how to create composition . You'll create 4 paintings with Nadja's guidance so later you can paint on your own. Whenever and whatever you want.
Video quality
We have our own production studio with a talented team of professionals who work on bringing you the best quality possible. Each course is divided into parts for your convenience.
You can talk to your fellow students on social media. Even though you are all in different cities or countries you can share your paintings with each other, support and encourage each other online so you never feel alone but feel like a part of this beautiful community that we have created.
Watercolor painting isn't just a technique, it's a way of life!
Our expert:
Nadja Leutloff
5 years ago I left my office job and started taking online painting courses.I would paint a lot using pencils, highlighters and watercolors,I would also paint different things: illustration and portraits,city architecture and landscapes,different textures and more. Along with the online courses I would go to actual painting classes and outside painting(plein Air painting).

It was easier for me compared to some people since I have a background in photography /it was my favorite hobby for over 10 years. It taught me about composition, angles and seeing what can elevate a regular painting to that next level and make it special.

My daily painting practice paid off when a year later I was invited to host my first painting course.
Watercolor works by artist Nadja Leutloff:
Reviews of Enterclass courses:
I'm holding a piece of Marseille's morning sunlight in my hand! Thank you @sergei.kurbatov for an excellent and challenging lesson. A few things I learnt in Sergei's class -
Naples Yellow and Cobalt blue don't mix to make a green. I used @oldhollandcolours Naples Yellow Deep in this and this paint behaves effortlessly.
We used linear perspective for the composition.
Sergei talks about having pools of colors pre-mixed on your palette before beginning the washes. Which makes sense because he works wet-in-wet a lot and running out of color mixes would be potentially disastrous.
He also taught us that's not important to match the details with the inspiration photograph. Just a few details here and there to bring out a few key structures. For eg, the windows on the left-side building are actually single strokes of a dark color.
All in all, it was challenging class for me personally because I'm not much of an architectural landscape artist. Sketching was a behemoth of a task for me. I could have gotten the shadows a bit darker but I love the overall feel of this piece and the many important lessons I learnt in tackling landscapes like these. ❤️ Thank you @enterclass for the English subtitles or I would have never found out how funny @sergei.kurbatov is!
Art marathons are great! And even though I joined this one a bit late, painting with famous artists make me feel like a child on a Christmas Eve 😆 We're painting 4 landscape pictures with amazing @sergei.kurbatov at @enterclass 📺 the topic is In The Morning and this is the 1st layer of the Siberian Mountains painting ➡️ #энтеркласс_утро_4 (mountains are coming soon 😆😉) And now the BEST PART: now it's also available in English! These guys made an amazing job with translation and I'm truly glad, as many of you asked me where one can find useful tutorials. Composition, technique, color combos, usage of all different kinds of brushes... Until the 17th of March there's a special price offer 😉
Finally started the first plot of watercolor marathon with @sergei.kurbatov. @enterclass has been keeping me busy. 😉Very appreciative of the English subtitles! It's great to be able to understand the master's process and laugh after his jokes! 🤣
3rd lesson from @enterclass with @sergei.kurbatov to capture the early mornings. This was a very very challenging session. I lacked focus and made more mistakes. Sergei's depth of understanding of watercolors and interpretation of the scene, knowing what to do on the paper was amazing as always. He also understands the paper he uses very well. Ok, done is done! Moving on to the last one now. 🏃🏻♀️
I am absolutely impressed. . Just wanted to say that you are an absolutely brilliant teacher@sergei.kurbatov!!! I just love the way of your step wise teaching lessons. I found all the art instructions with english subtitles extremely valuable. I learnt lots of things about composition,wet in wet techniques,color combinations and how to create soft edges. Once again, thank you for what you are willing to share and a joy to learn!!!!
Joyeeta Neogi
Sketching is a great option for people who have been meaning to start painting but think it's too time consuming and can't waste their time creating drafts, it's also for people who just can't live without painting and need it in their life.
Make your painting meaningful!
Access to first lesson as of
29th March
All lessons are going to be available till the 14th of April.
Sign up for the course:
RUB 590 (~ $9)
  • access to all lessons for two weeks
How to pay:
Let's start with sketching!
Frequently Asked Questions
What's the schedule of the course?
All lessons are going to be available from the 29th of March to the 14th of April.In that time period you can watch the videos as many times as you need. You can also extend your viewing time. You can purchase that extra time and it's going to be cheaper than buying the entire course after the 14th of April.
When am I getting access to the videos?
You'll automatically get access in your profile on our website first lesson — March 29, second lesson — March 31, third lesson — April 2, fourth lesson — April 4. Video access will close on the 14th of April at 11:59 pm Moscow time (it does not matter when you purchased the course). You will be able to prolongate the access after the end of the marathon.
What if I don't have time to watch all the lessons?
The lessons will be available until 11:59 pm 14th of April (Moscow time-zone). After that you will be able to prolongate the accesses to all the lessons by paying RUB 990 (~ $15). Even with the prolongation fee the price will be lower than getting it as a separate course.
What do you need to start with?
We recommend using 100% cotton paper with the density of 300 gr/m2.
  • a couple sheets of plain paper or a sketching pad
  • watercolour paper: 4 sheets ,size А3 or А4
These are some brand examples: Saunders Waterford, Arches, Canson Watercolor, Clairefontaine, Moulin du Roy etc. You could buy seperate sheets of paper or a sketch notebook,it doesn't really matter (you could even buy one qiant sheet and cut it into smaller ones). The texture of your paper doesn't really matter.

Natural brush (kolonok), synthetics mix – your choice
  • one thin brush №1/0
  • one fan brush №1
  • a round brush № 4-6 (your main one)

Professional set of watercolour paints (12-24 colours), any brand, examples: Schmincke, Van Gogh, Winsor&Newton, Lukas e.t.c. Watercolors could be in cells or tubes most importantly it should not be the "school art-class watercolor" from an office supply store.

  • a clipboard (hardboard, plywood e.t.c.)
  • paint palette
  • paper tape
  • pencil (B-2B)
  • eraser
  • cup for water
  • paper napkins.
Maybe you should try?
Spring is the best time to try something new!
Sketching-you'll get amazing results without tons of equipment! Try and see for yourself!