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Faces and Characters
start June 22nd
online course
How to draw not just a portrait, but character, emotions and charisma? How to capture the similarities and make watercolor gaining perspective and vivid? There are hundreds of faces, glances and smiles every day around us - we memorize images, capture details and come under their charm. Let you release the fears and tell stories in faces with watercolors in the online marathon by Anastasia Kustova!
The first watercolor marathon by Anastasia Kustova and Enterclass in English!
two weeks
four classes
590RUB (~ 9$)
Video lessons in full HD
Special expert's tricks
For whom is this course:
For those who are just beginning
Do you want to keep learning and improving? Are you fascinated by Anastasia's amazing works and are dreaming to achieve her artistic level?
For curios students who have some experience but want to try new things
Are you already painting? Would you like to learn all the tricks you could use with watercolor?
For those who have dreamed of learning from Anastasia Kustova
Pick up your brushes, paints and just trust the artist. Anastasia will teach you about value, colors, composition in a way that only she knows how.
Draw the character in watercolor!
Keep an open mind and unleash creativity! An incredible watercolor journey awaits you!
Anastasia Kustova
It is not scary to draw the portraits, because every day you see people around, remember their images, you pay attention to their poses, clothes, their history. It all says that you are already able to share something with the audience through the watercolor! In this watercolor marathon, I'll help you to start, I'll share with you my technique and important skills, that will help to turn knowledge into your unique watercolor works. Because first of all drawing is a joy! Draw with pleasure, and all the characters will come to life before your eyes!

Support your first steps with watercolor and portraits!
Help improve your skills and extend your knowledge!
Portrait is an extract from your skill, artist's observation and desire to create! In this marathon, Anastasia Kustova will teach you how to draw people, feel the proportions and catch the portrait resemblance. Four lessons are the four steps from simple to complex, from the overall silhouette from the back to the figure in dynamics.

The marathon will support beginners and encourage those who are already engaged in drawing. Create easily, brightly, at any time and in any place which inspires you!
The marathon is a creative workshop and communication with your «soulmates»!
Our courses are an opportunity!
Opportunity to learn from the best, to be submerged in the artists world, an opportunity to participate in this course for an affordable price. And finally, an opportunity to try and give it your best.
That's an adventure!
Learn new things, have doubts but carry on, continue to enjoy the process and be amazed by the results..
Courses are full of love!
To catch this special watercolor mood, dive into the artistic flow, do something that's important and allow yourself to create fiercely and freely.
Fill your watercolors with emotions!
Why will this marathon help you to become a better artist:
You'll learn how to draw a figure and people, to observe proportions and to represent a model in static and dynamics. You'll achieve portrait similarity and understand the difference between working from life and with reference. Learn the watercolor technique on dry, work out color schemes and practice all the theoretical knowledge in four subjects in the online course «Faces and Characters»!
You'll go from simple work learning the basics to a full portrait in dynamics. You'll work out all the fundamental components of any picture, such as light and shadow, composition, color selection and value. Try to draw expressive, easily and free!
Anastasia inspires with her example! Her kindness and warmth are charming, her difficult self-taught artist path proves that everything is possible! Anastasia will share the author's achievements and techniques, she'll give all the necessary theory and support all those who want to draw airy and vivid watercolors!
Anastasia Kustova
I'd like to share with you my knowledge gained over a long practice of drawing people. This marathon of four lessons is designed by me to cover many questions on figurative and drawing characters, to work out the basic theory that let you easily draw people both from nature and from photo in your further independent practice. We'll analyze all the components from the lighting and face composition to simplifying and stylizing your watercolors.
Watercolor portraits are the challenge you should rise this summer!
Your inspiration is everywhere!
Enterclass courses are knowledge, practice and creative atmosphere!
How can you watch the lessons:
The classes will be available in your account at
You can watch the classes from any location in the world and on any device (desktop, mobile).
You have access to all the classes till the end of the course.
Course content:
The Walk
Let's give an atmosphere of ease and movement. Together with Anastasia you will learn the body's proportions, analyze the basic concepts of light, shadow and reflected light on the example of simple and three-dimensional elements. You'll work out the drawing of a pair composition with background and details.

урок 1
When you get carried away by a book somewhere outdoors, then inspiration and new ideas appears. Let's draw a figure in a static pose, learn how to generalize the secondary and stress the main points. Let's play with shades for skin and hair, learn reflected light and shadows depending on lighting and person's special features.

урок 2
Close-up in profile and access to a new level. Together with the artist you'll learn the technique of «washing in one layer» and learn how to change the value at the same time. Let's examine a more complex shade, light and reflected light on the face and work with a limited palette.
урок 3
Riding the Bicycle
The wind in hair and the energy of motion. We finish the marathon with the most difficult composition! Together with Anastasia you'll understand how to change the shades of clothing depending on the lighting, learn how to choose the colors to your taste and stylize the work in your unique manner. Draw a large watercolor story with the figure in dynamics!
урок 4
How you'll learn:
Video lessons
The access to each class opens every two days. You can watch them in your personal account at Each lesson is divided into stages.
Each class is a workshop by Anastasia Kustova, she paints while explaining everything she does in great details. You and the artist create together!
Watercolor is not just painting, but a lifestyle!
About the author:
Anastasia Kustova
Drawing was not my purpose and especially it was not the center of my universe, drawing was easy for me. When I decided to go to art school in high school, it turned out that I could not draw plastic apples, and even in a dark room, which was very different from how I was used to. This ended my professional art education, and it took only three days.

I became an engineer and worked a lot in my professional field. But over time I realized that working 10-12 hours a day, I do not see the result of my work. Then there was a desire to work for myself, and in January 2015, I became a free artist. Then six months later I discovered watercolor.

I was constantly studying: I started with free lessons on Youtube, then watched master classes of successful artists. I had to sort out a lot of books on my own to study the perspective, value, shape, lighting and improve the picture. And, of course, I drew every day.

My talent is in the ability to learn quickly, and I try to develop this skill. No one is born a genius, for a good result you need a lot of work.

Watercolor works by Anastasia Kustova:
Marathon is a great option for those who want to start drawing for a long time, but are afraid; it is for everyone who does not have enough time for sketches, and for those who can not live without drawing!
Access to the first class as of
June 22nd
The best painting starts now!
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Frequently Asked Questions
What's the schedule of the course?
Marathon will last from the 22nd of June til the 7th of July. You get access to four classes for this period. You will be able to prolongate the access after the marathon ends. The cost of the prolongation will be considerably lower than buying the course after the 7th of July.
When will I get access to the lessons?
The lessons will start being available on the 22nd, 24th, 26th and 28st of June. You will be able to watch them as many times as you want till the marathon ends on July 7th.
What if I don't have time to watch all the lessons?
The classes will be opened until 23:59 7th of July (Moscow time-zone). After that the marathon will be available as a separate course. You will be able to prolongate the accesses to all the classes by paying 990 rubles. Even with the prolongation fee the price will be lower than getting it as a separate course.
What do you need to start with?
We recommend using 100% cotton paper with the density of 300 gr/m2. It is very important if you want to get light and beautiful paintings! Cellulose does not hold moisture well and also is not great with repeating damping like in a "wet on wet" technique. Paper like that can dry quickly which will be an obstacle for you in finishing a certain stage of painting and repeating damping can damage the sheet. If you are planning on using paper with cellulose and cotton, we highly recommend you get the one where the percentage of cotton is higher.

  • Recommended manufacturers are Saunders Waterford, Arches, Canson Watercolor, Moulin du Roy etc.
  • For this course we recommend using paper with a grain fin/cold press surface. Smooth surface (hot press) and torchon paper won't be suitable.
You can use paper in albums or separate sheets. Sheet 76х56 can be cut in four parts this way you will only need 1-2 sheets.

Natural brush (kolonok), synthetics mix – your choice
  • One thin (liner) brush
  • Two medium brushes
  • Wide brush with a thin tip
  • Flat brush for moistening paper

Professional set of 24 colors or more: Schmincke, Van Gogh, Winsor&Newton, Lukas e.t.c. Watercolors could be in cells or tubes most importantly it should not be the "school art-class watercolor" from an office supply store.

Extra colors you might need:
  • Indigo
  • Burnt sienna
  • Neapolitan yellow
  • Cadmium red light
  • Quinacridone (carmine)
  • Oxide of chromium
  • pad (hardboard, plywood)
  • palette
  • paper tape
  • pencil (B-2B)
  • eraser
  • cup for water
  • paper napkins
  • masking fluid
  • hairdryer.
Maybe you should try?
Summer is a perfect time to start creating!